RV Transporting FAQ

What RV transporting services does Pacific RV Ventures offer?
Pacific RV Ventures provides RV transporting services for 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, and trailer mounted tiny homes within BC, or to and from any location in Canada, as long as the origin or destination is in BC.
Are there any RVs for sale at Pacific RV Ventures?
No, Pacific RV Ventures has sold its RV inventory.
What tips does Pacific RV Ventures offer for RV travel with families?
They provide a list of tips for safe, comfortable, and enjoyable RV travel with kids, focusing on special needs and planning for families.
Can you explore the West Shore with Pacific RV Ventures?
Yes, they encourage RV travelers to explore the West Shore, offering a guide to the best places to stay, play, eat, and explore in this part of Victoria & area. We no longer offer RVs for rent, but our website still has great info on what to see on the Westshore and around Vancouver Island.
What are the recommended activities in Victoria & The Saanich Peninsula in September?
Pacific RV Ventures suggests various events, activities, and destinations on Vancouver Island in September, taking advantage of the mild weather. We have blog posts of activities. https://pacificrvventures.com/discover-vancouver-island/
How does the RV shipping process work with Pacific RV Ventures?
The process involves collecting shipping details, arranging transport, and ensuring safe delivery.
What precautions are taken during RV transport?
Conducting a safety check, ensuring no damage to the RV, and loading onto a truck with ample space.
What are the advantages of Pacific Ventures’ RV shipping services?
Competitive rates, experienced drivers, insured service, door-to-door convenience, and a pre-transport checklist.
How is the cost of RV shipping determined?
Cost varies based on the shipping method, with Tow-away generally being the lowest per kilometer.
Is insurance required for RV or trailer hauling?
Yes, Pacific RV requires an RV to have a valid license plate and insurance.
Can Pacific RV transport different types of trailers?
We transport recreational vehicles.
Does Pacific RV offer transportation for food trucks and catering trailers?
No: we do not offer transportation for food truck trailers, mobile kitchens, and catering kitchen trailers.